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Amazon’s New Echo Dots are Actually Spheres

At its fall hardware event today, Amazon has unveiled the latest improvements it has made to its smallest, probably most popular smart speaker — the Echo Dot. The Echo Dot has been redesigned completely, so much so that it’s no longer a dot, it’s a sphere.

The new Echo Dot comes in an orb-like design that matches that of the also redesigned Echo speaker, which is also an orb now, albeit bigger. There’s still the fabric covering all around the new Echo Dot, and Amazon is offering it in two variants.

For $49.99, you get a regular Echo Dot with a fabric cover all around it and a rather pretty looking Alexa-light near the base. Add another $10 to it and you get an Echo Dot with a clock shining through its fabric cover. This is pretty much the same concept as last year’s Echo Dot which added a clock in the fabric cover, but now it looks better, at least to me.


Also announced is an Echo Dot Kids Edition that comes with cute animal face designs on them for the price of the Echo Dot with Clock ($59.99). I’m not certain how many designs Amazon has created for the Echo Dot Kids edition, but the promotional image shows a tiger and a panda at the very least, and honestly, I’d rather buy these instead of the regular Echo Dot; they look really cute.

Also announced at the event was Amazon’s cloud game streaming service, Luna.

Featured image courtesy: Amazon (via: The Verge)


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