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Android 11’s New Screenshot UI Showing up for Some Users: Report

In addition to a native screen recorder, Android 11 is also likely to bring the ability to capture scrolling screenshots. It’s a long-requested feature that’s already implemented separately by most major phone makers, including Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and others. The functionality isn’t yet available in Android 11 DP2, but the latest build does bring a revamped screenshot interface that was earlier manually enabled by XDA on one of their Pixel devices.

Now, however, the new UI is reportedly starting to show up for some users randomly, although the scrolling screenshot feature remains MIA (missing in action). As can be seen from the comparative screenshots below, the ‘Extend’ button, which will enable users to take a scrolling screenshot, is absent in the new UI, although, the Share and Edit options are now available and working.

Manually-Enabled screenshot UI on Left (Courtesy: XDA); New screenshot UI sighting on Right (Courtesy: Reddit/Xenofastiq)

Do note that the Extend button did not work even when XDA manually activated the new interface last month. Tapping the extend button produced a popup saying ‘Not Implemented’. However, these developments suggest that Google is indeed working to add scrolling screenshots to stock Android (finally!). Either way, the GIF posted by Redditor, u/Xenofastiq, shows that the screenshot editor looks fairly similar to the editing screen on Android 10.

GIF Courtesy: u/Xenofastiq (Via Reddit)

While Google has finally come around to the idea of implementing a native scrolling-screenshot feature in Android, it will be interesting to see when it will be enabled going forward. It will happen most likely with Android 11 DP3, which was originally set to drop this month, but it’s not immediately clear if Google will be able to stick to the announced timeline amidst the coronavirus lockdown.

SOURCE u/Xenofastiq (via Reddit)


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