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Download OnePlus 8T Live Wallpapers Right Here

OnePlus is all set to launch the OnePlus 8T and a special edition of OnePlus Nord on 14th October. You, however, don’t have to wait until the launch day to use the latest OnePlus 8T live wallpapers. Thanks to user, linuxct, on XDA Forums, you can try out the upcoming live wallpapers on any Android phone running Oreo and above with a decent Snapdragon chip.

There are a total of three ported live wallpapers, with the latest additions being Aquamarine Green and Lunar Silver. These wallpapers are dynamic and will change the color based on the time of the day. According to linuxct, these wallpapers are ported right from OnePlus 8T’s OxygenOS 11 build.

Apart from the dynamic color-changing nature, the wallpapers have a neat animation when you unlock your phone. It also responds to your swipes when you switch from one page to another on the home screen.

Getting started with these new OnePlus 8T wallpapers is quite simple. All you have to do is download the APK file (link below), install the app, and apply the wallpaper from your phone’s wallpaper picker. If your phone doesn’t natively show them, you can use Google’s Wallpapers app to apply them.

As I mentioned earlier, you need a phone with a Snapdragon chipset to use these wallpapers. In other words, this port may not work on phones powered by Exynos, MediaTek, and Kirin chips. Even if you have a Snapdragon-powered phone, you might face issues if it is an entry-level/low-end chip.

I tested these wallpapers on an OnePlus 7T and it works as you would expect. The animations are fluid and I didn’t notice any lag or hiccups on my usage. If you’re interested to use these wallpapers on your device, you may download them from APKMirror through the link attached below.

Download OnePlus 8T Live Wallpapers


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