How to Check AirTag Battery Life and Replace Battery

Apple Launched the Apple AirTag with one easy replaceable CR2032 battery. This means you don’t have to charge your Apple AirTag for a year. Battery life also depends on how much you use your device. This is why you should check your AirTag’s battery life so that you should know when to replace your battery. In this article, we tell you about how to check the battery life of an AirTag and replace the battery if needed. 

Check AirTag Battery Life and Replace the Battery

You have to open the Find My app, it’s very easy to check your AirTag’s battery and find out how much battery life is left. And if the battery is running low or about to die, you can replace it very easily. You have to buy 3-Volt lithium coin cell batteries.

How to Check Apple AirTag Battery Life

1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone.

2. Now, Click on the Items tab at the bottom.

3. Next step, Click on the name of the AirTag whose battery you want to check.

4. Now, you should see the battery life under the AirTag’s name as shown in the below screenshot.

The battery icon does not show a battery percentage, how much battery is left, but it does give an idea of how much battery is left. It’s similar to the battery icon on the iPhone have, now you know when the AirTag’s battery life is going to over and you have to buy a new battery. I will suggest you buy in advance.

How to Replace Apple AirTag Battery

Before trying to replace the battery of the AirTag, if you are using any case or accessory you should remove it.

1. First of all, turn your AirTag to the white side facing down, and the Apple logo side up (towards you).

2. Now, use your fingers to push in the twist counter-clockwise on the Apple logo side. After doing that, now remove the old CR2032 battery and replace it with the new battery with the “+” sign facing up towards you. Next step you have to do that, place the cover back as you have opened this time twist it clockwise. You can check the complete process of how to open and close in the GIF below: 

Now you know how to check AirTag Battery life but also how to replace the AirTag battery if the battery drains out.

Check Your AirTag Battery and Replace It with Ease

Now you know how to check AirTag battery life, check your battery one time in a month so that you get to know the battery life, and replace the battery before it drains out completely. As we have mentioned replacing a battery is a very easy process with the new one.

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