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How to Disable Camera or Mic Access in Android 12 Quickly

The new Android 12 features, one of the features disable the camera and microphone. Starting with Android 12, you don’t have to turn off all sensors on your Android phone to restrict the camera or microphone access. But you can use the dedicated camera and mic toggles in the Quick Settings panel to block access to the sensors. The new toggles are, not included in the default set of quick settings options. In this article, we will learn how to disable camera or mic access in Android 12 quickly.

Disable Camera or Mic Access in Android 12

Google added the ability to disable the camera or mic access with Android 12 with just a single click. While you can get many Android 12 features on any Android phone, the Android 12 version on your phone to use these features. Here are the steps you should follow to get dedicated quick settings for instantly disabling the camera or microphone.

1. First of all, pull down the notification shade to access the Quick Settings panel. Now, tap on the pencil icon to rearrange QS tiles.

2. Click to hold and drag “Camera access” and “Mic access” quick settings tiles to the active tiles area in Android 12.

3. Now, click on the Back arrow at the top-left corner of the screen. You can also use the back swipe gesture to exit and save changes.

4. You will now see the new Camera and Mic access tiles in the Quick settings sheet. You can click on the tiles to enable or disable the camera and mic access in Android 12.

5. Next step, you will see a prompt that asks if you would like to unblock your camera or microphone when you open an app that requires these permissions. Keep in mind that this will unblock access for all apps. If you prefer blocking again, you will have to manually disable the permissions from the quick settings title.

This is the way How to Disable Camera and Microphone in Android 12 quickly

So, that’s how you bring quick settings tiles to easily enable or disable the camera and mic access on your Android 12 phone. Also, let us know your thoughts on this handy new privacy-centric feature in Android 12, let us know your thoughts.


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