How to Install Google TV on Android TV

Google has recently launched a new Chromecast after two years gap. New Chromecast comes with a new Android TV UI called Google TV.

Google TV UI brings many new features, So let’s get started with Google TV UI. In this article, we will guide you on how to install Google TV on Android TV.

Get Google TV on Android TV in any Region Including India

Before we begin, keep in mind, your Android TV must be running Android 9 or above. You can check the OS details from Settings -> Device Preferences -> About -> Version.

We have also included a guide on how to install Google TV on Android TV for users in India.


  1. Google App for Android TV (Version or above)
  2. Google TV APK (Also called LauncherX)

Install Google TV on Android TV

1. You have to download both the APKs from the above link on your computer or smartphone.

2. Now download any file explorer on your Android TV from Playstore.

3. Next, copy both files into Pendrive and plugin Pendrive into your Android TV.

4. Now open file explorer and locate both the APKs.

5. Now, click on the Google App and install it.

6. Repeat the same process for the Google TV app (LauncherX) and install it. 

7. After successfully installing both the APKs, now open the Play Store on your Android TV and install Home Screen Launcher for Android TV (Free).

8. After the app installation, open the Home Screen Launcher for the Android TV app.

9. Now click on LauncherX and there you have the brand new Google TV running on your Android TV.

First Time Boot Will Take Some Time

10. Everythings working fine including the new Google Assistant, personalized recommendations, content from multiple apps in one place, synced watchlist. On the first run, it will take some time to load the new UI.

Next time when you open the TV you have to open the “Home Screen Launcher for Android TV” app (shortly called Home) and it will open Google TV. If you want to set Google TV as the default launcher on your Android TV the steps are mentioned.

Run Google TV on Android TV in India

The installation process for the Google TV is the same for India and other unsupported regions. You will not get the personalized cards and smart recommendations on the home screen since Google TV has been launched with a new Chromecast only in the US

Don’t worry we have a solution, you to use VPN and connecting the TV to the US server. This is not the permanent solution for it.

If the new-gen Chromecast is officially launched in India then we do not have to use a VPN. The best thing is this if your manufacturer did not bring the Google TV update, this solution will be going to work and without any issues.

Set Google TV as Your Default Launcher on Android TV

If you want to set Google TV as your default launcher on Android TV you will have to use some ADB commands on the computer to uninstall the default launcher.

After doing this Google TV will be the default launcher on Android TV. Don’t worry, if ever think you want to restore the original launcher we have a command for that also. Let’s do it. 

Note: We are going to make changes with system apps and ADB commands. So if you have the required knowledge then only proceed ahead. We don’t want users to have a broken TV at home, especially during this pandemic.

1. Now, open Settings on your Android TV -> Network and Internet -> Click on your WiFi Network. Note the IP address, you will need it later.

2. Next, open Settings -> Device Preferences -> About -> Scroll down to the Build menu. Now, click on the “Build” menu 5 times continuously. This will enable Developer Options on your Android TV. 

3. Go back to the device Preferences and scroll down. There you will find the “Developer Options“. Open it.

4. Here, scroll down to “USB Debugging“ and enable it.

5. Now move to your computer and install ABD if you don’t have it on your system. No matter which Windows PC, Chromebook, Mac, or Linux machine, you can install and set up ADB by following steps.

6. When you are done with it, run the below command to connect to your Android TV. Replace ipaddress which you have noted in step 1.

adb connect ipaddress

7. Then you will get a prompt on your Android TV. Enable the checkbox for “Always allow from this computer” and then click on the “OK” button.

8. If everything works fine you get a message on a computer screen connected toipaddress in the terminal. Runadb devices command to check if your computer is connected to your Android TV.

9. Run the below command to uninstall the default Android TV launcher. Make sure you have already installed Google TV before running the below command. 

adb shell pm uninstall –user 0

10. Now Google TV is ready to use if it does not show on the screen. Restart your TV, and this time, you will boot into the new Google TV UI.

11. If you are facing any problem then you can go back to the stock launcher by running the below command. Make sure you are connected to your Android TV. If you have restarted your TV, then you need to repeat step #6 to establish the connection. 

adb shell cmd package install-existing

Google TV: First Impression

I am running Google TV in India, I am not getting the full experience on the first run. I have to connect my Android TV to VPN and then Google TV works fine. The Google TV UI is beautiful than the old one. The UI feels very smooth just like Android on Pixel devices

Notifications didn’t work for me till now which I assume needs framework support from the OS. We have to wait for the official update from the TV manufacturer to work fine.

Android TV to Google TV is a welcome change, but Google says it will take 2 years to take place. I am loving the modern design.

Enjoy the New Google TV on Android TV Right Now

So this is how you can install Google TV on Android TV right now. I would say, the installation process is simple. 

This method will work on all Android TVs including Mi TV, Sony TV, LG Smart TV, OnePlus TV, and more. If you are facing any problems then leave a comment below. We will help you out.

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