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OnePlus to Unveil New Logo on March 18; Here’s What It Looks Like

Yesterday, OnePlus took to its official Weibo account to tease something new that was coming on March 18th with a post that simply read “New week, new life, new… 3.18”. While we were originally unsure of what the company could be hinting at, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has today posted on Weibo confirming that the company will be unveiling a new logo on March 18.

In his post, Lau mentions that “the new vision system will meet with you in the hope that the new design will take on a new look and make your eyes more comfortable.” (translated from Chinese).

As for the new logo itself, OnePlus has only barely teased it with its new Weibo post that shows off a little bit of an edge of a logo.

However, the new logo has been leaked in its entirety on the internet courtesy of a Chinese patent filing that showed up online late last night. The new logo does look cleaner and more sophisticated. The company is using an all capital font for the typography, and the OnePlus icon itself also looks cleaner and more, for the lack of a better word, professional.

Here’s a comparison of the new logo vs the old one to make it easier to see the differences. Personally, I do like the new logo, so good job there, OnePlus.

Anyway, the company will be officially unveiling the new logo tomorrow, so if you’re interested in that, keep your eyes peeled. We definitely will, and we will update this article when the logo goes official.




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